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PCC Business

The Parocial Church Council (or PCC) is the governing body for the church. Members of the PCC are elected each year at the APCM (our annual meeting). The PCC is a registered charity (charity number 1169264).

APCM Report

This report summarises the life of the church groups over the prior year and is presented the the APCM (Annual Meeting) in April

Mission Action Plan

This document summarises our priorities in mission over the next few years


The annual report and financial statements presented at the APCM

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The Vicar, Churchwardens and PCC are responsible for having adequate policies in place to safeguard all who come to our church and for overseeing their correct implementation.

Complaints Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Data Privacy Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Domestic Abuse Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Investments and Reserves Policy

Pay Policy

Risk Management Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding Handbook

Social Media 


Volunteer Policy

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