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We are an Eco Church


In 2019, Flitwick Church committed to pursuing

Eco Church values and reducing our carbon footprint.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has stated that climate change is;

“The greatest challenge that we and future generations face...

Our sacred duty is to protect the natural world we have been so

generously given, as well as our neighbours around the world,

who will be the first affected”.

The St Albans Diocese has committed to aiming for net zero carbon production in all churches by 2030, and as our part we have signed up to the

A Rocha programme of self assessment.

This programme looks at how we operate as a church under five different categories: 

Worship and Teaching,



Community Global Engagement


Following a detailed assessment over different criteria in each category we were awarded the Bronze Award.




We are currently working towards

the Silver Award. 

Our Eco Church Targets for 2024 are:

  • Achieving an Eco Church Silver award.

  • Marking Climate Sunday, World Earth Day and Creationtide.

  • Planting wild flowers within recycled containers in conjunction with the Leading Your Church Into Growth (LYCIG) programme.

  • Installing an Internet-based heating control system for the Chapter House to optimise our energy usage.

  • Investigating the feasibility of alternative low energy heating systems for the church for when our current system reaches its end of life.

  • Installing additional bat and bird nesting boxes within the churchyard.

  • Raising awareness of the diversity of plants and animals within our churchyard ecosystem.


Living Church-Yard

For many years, the church yard at St Peter and Paul’s Church has been managed as a Living Churchyard.


This means it is carefully maintained to allow wildlife to flourish; it is an example of rare low nutrient meadow. Some species found here are are regionally rare, to one plant not found elsewhere in Bedfordshire.

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