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What is Alpha?

Alpha is a series that explores the big questions of life and faith, and gives you space to share your thoughts and opinions with others. Alpha is relaxed and low-pressured, so no question is off the table and everyone is welcome: no matter your background or beliefs.

Alpha has been running all over the world for the last couple of decades. Globally, nearly 30 million people have done an Alpha course, gathering in churches, pubs, prisons and homes to meet new people and explore Christianity.

What happens at Alpha?

The Alpha series runs for nine Wednesday evenings. We start the evening by eating dinner together (it’s free!), and then we watch a film clip on our theme for the evening. Each film looks at a different topic around faith and is designed to create conversation - you can say anything at all or just listen if you’d prefer. Each session is hosted in a small group, and everyone is welcome.


If you’d like to know more about Alpha, or talk about any aspect of faith with us, please send us an email!

We’d love to get to know you.

Try Alpha at Flitwick Church

Our next Alpha course will begin on Wednesday 17th January 2024 at 7.30pm.  It will run for nine Wednesday's with one extra day on Saturday 16th March.  


 If you would be interested in joining our next one  please contact Revd. Claire for more details

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