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Eco Blog 10: Bee Bombs

Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a good week and are looking forward to the start of April very soon! This week I will be talking about Bee Bombs. But what are they and why should we use them? Well, that’s what I’ll be talking about today. You’ll be surprised by how quick this is to do and how big of an impact you can have on the bees lives, whilst also having a beautiful garden! I hope you have a lovely week. Best wishes, Chiara xx

Why are Bee Bombs important to plant?

97% of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2. Ninety seven percent! It's frightening! In this simple way, we can start to restore the lost wildflower habitat and make an important contribution to the biodiversity of Great Britain.

Handmade in Dorset, Bee Bombs are a mix of 18 British wildflower seeds, fine, sifted soil and locally sourced clay. The seeds are native species and designated by the Royal Horticultural Society as "Perfect for Pollinators'' .Bee Bombs just need to be scattered onto cleared ground to create a wildflower meadow that will bring the bees back.

What are Bee Bombs?

Bee Bombs are handmade wildflower seed balls. Made from sheltering clay, sifted topsoil and packed with 1000s of seeds from native wildflower species.

Bee Bombs need no gardening skill and can be scattered straight onto open ground at any time of the year. Once scattered, you don't need to water or tend your Bee Bombs. 'Cleared ground' is often better as wildflowers are hardy and adaptable but slow growers. This means that they can be out-competed by faster growing grasses and perennial weeds at the critical early stages, so straight onto soil is best if possible. The soil will help your Bee Bombs germinate and the clay will protect them as they dissipate.

Bee Bombs can be scattered at any time of year but Autumn and Spring are best.

Who’s Behind Bee Bombs?

Ben Davidson was born in Dorset and after many years abroad and in the hustle of London, returned to bring up his daughter where the rolling green hills meet the sandy beaches of Dorset.

Learning of the tragic decline of bee and butterfly habitat, across the industrialised world, he wanted to find a way to help restore some of the lost meadows of Britain.

Driven by his love for nature and his memories of a childhood spent exploring the ancient heathland of Dorset, Ben both makes and promotes the Bee Bombs himself. What an inspiration!

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